RKMEDICS TeleMedicine System specially devoted to serve Acute Myocardial Infarction patients, EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND PROMPT TREATMENT is the only way to save life. RKMEDICS has a network linked to all Districts of Odisha. Any person experiencing chest pain can move to nearest RKMEDICS chest pain clinic for immediate diagnosis. Our network system will help in confirming immediate diagnosis, and assist in management. On a regular basis RKMEDICS telemedicine system will link to Specialists and Consultants up on prior appointment.

RKMEDICS has Telemedicine Centre in each Head Quarters of Odisha, from which patients will get access for telemedicine system and link with specialists/ experts as per their requirement. However persons unable to come to the Telemedicine Centre can alternatively get access from their personal computer with prior appointment. In addition patients can use “Contact Us” link for any queries and advice related to health issue.

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Every Sunday 07:00 HR (IST) to 08:00HR(IST)

Advice on Telemedicine is totally free of cost